Providing Reliable Solutions in Foundation Engineering …

Found in 1990, ALTYAPI is an expertise company in foundation engineering contracts. Showing steadfast and continuous growth within the 27 years of its operating life, ALTYAPI steadily formed a consistent corporate standard in Turkey merging cutting-edge technology and in-house human capital. Customer satisfaction alongside an awareness in the codes and ethics of foundation engineering has always been of outstanding importance to ALTYAPI.

In compliance with the emerging new technologies over the years, ALTYAPI, not only expanding its inventory and expertise, was also noted in various business circles for its qualitative craftsmanship. Our workshop is integral to our operational requirements providing adapted drilling apparatus and machinery. Maintenance and research are also conducted by the workshop staff.

Consisting of a workforce of roughly eighty, ALTYAPI has a lean organizational chart. A central office of approximately ten personnel oversees the construction sites, workshop and additional warehouses. The role of our experienced, highly-motivated labor force is pivotal to the permanent establishment of our company in the Turkish construction marketplace.

ALTYAPI fulfills every obligation to its staff and personnel in its various work units as set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health, OSH, precautions and regulations, thus achieving a pattern of excellence in the wider construction market.

ALTYAPI is primarily excelled at a very exceptional branch of Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering: Deep Excavation with Shoring Technology. This construction method is highly efficient in major commercial and residential venues where scarcity and high value of land are common. These systems must be implemented in an environment – friendly manner which respects the surrounding infrastructure landscapes of buildings and roads. With its incumbent experience ALTYAPI has accomplished countless projects via Deep Excavation with Shoring Technology. 
With its innovative outfit and heritage, ALTYAPI is at the forefront of technical excellence with respect to occupational safety, health and environment.       

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